Introducing Team Action


Paul Esteves, Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Esteves has over 25 years experience in the collection industry. Mr. Esteves has owned ACRM since 2007 and has invested the last ten years into developing the strategies and infrastructure necessary to service the Canadian marketplace on a national basis.

Susan Lockhart, Chief Financial Officer

Ms. Lockhart has over 20 years industry experience specific to the financial and reporting components of a professional accounts receivable management firm. Ms. Lockhart is responsible for ensuring that all aspects of the financial requirements are implemented and adhered to.

Bill Stewart, Vice-President Business Development

Mr. Stewart is responsible for the organizations overall growth strategies and specifically responsible to maintain and develop our business and client relationships.

Kathy Gulka, Compliance and Privacy Officer

Ms. Gulka has over 25 years industry experience and has held key roles with several of Canada’s largest collection agencies ranging from Recovery Agent to Operations Supervisor, and several compliance related roles. Ms. Gulka has been a member of the ACRM Team for over ten years and is specifically responsible to record, address and remedy all compliance-related instances in her primary role as Ombudsperson.

Sam Ganab, Director, Technology

Mr. Ganab is an integral member of our Information Technology team. His knowledge in managing technology requirements in a multitude of systems makes him an invaluable member of our team in ensuring that our clients’ expectations; technically and analytically, are exceeded.